What do I do?

Decisions, decisions.

Some decisions are easy: should I have chicken or fish for dinner? Some aren't so easy. Should I leave my long-standing job to pursue a new career path I'm passionate about? Should I put my house on the market? Is now the time to trade in my car? Or even more difficult: marriage, a vocation to religious life or the priesthood, making a cross-country move with the family. You find yourself asking, "what do I do?" Don't worry, St. Ignatius Loyola has your back!

In this free ebook by author and Ignatian spirituality expert Jim Manney you'll discover:

  •  Who St. Ignatius was and what he discovered
  •  The (big) difference between discernment and decision-making
  • The first principle at the center of any decision
  •  Three ways to make a decision
  • And more!

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