Praying the Rosary Kick-Start Guide

So you've decided to pray the Rosary. (Or pray more Rosaries.) 

If you've never prayed the Rosary, here's the kick-start you might need. If you've prayed the Rosary many times but need a refresher or some new ideas, this kick-start guide is for you, too! 

You'll be praying the Rosary in just five steps:

  • Meaning and motivation - where did the Rosary come from and why do we pray it?
  • Mysteries and prayers - what we contemplate as we pray, and the text of the prayers themselves
  • Getting started - step-by-step instructions including a "map" of the Rosary
  • FAQ about the Rosary - a few questions many people have
  • Making it your own - ideas for new and different ways to use the Rosary in prayer

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