Something terrible happens that leaves people dead, hurt, or homeless. Maybe it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood, famine, epidemic, earthquake, tidal wave, or other natural catastrophe. Maybe it’s a plane crash, train wreck, industrial mishap, pollution spill, or other horrible accident. Maybe it’s a suicide bombing, shooting spree, terrorist attack, or some force of evil caused by human beings.

Whether a disaster happens in your own hometown or on the other side of the world, you may wonder if there is an authentic Catholic response.

The answer is yes.

Our Sunday Visitor has created these free resources to help you and your parish during these difficult times.

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When Disaster Strikes: Helping Children Cope with Tragedies, Disasters & Acts of Terror
Today's news is filled with reports of shootings and other tragedies. How can parents, teachers, catechists and other caregivers address children's questions and fears? This free workshop, presented by Dr. Joseph White, a child psychologist and catechetical author, discusses steps for helping children express their feelings, address their questions, and find a sense of safety in the midst of a chaotic world.